Durbanville Cricket Club Juniors is feeling special at Mossel Bay Cricket Club.

There was great excitement in Mossel Bay this afternoon. Coach Siyabonga and his Thembalethu cricket team arrived 20 minutes early for our meeting. Both players who were injured when we toured here, torn finger web and ball in the face, have fully recovered. With the help of Durbanville Cricket Club and parents, some El Shaddai parents and other parents who heard about the initiative we were able to provide the team with the following: two full cricket sets (bag, pads gloves, wicky gloves, helmet, thigh and arm pad, match ball, bat etc). Adult cricket pads and shirts for the coach. Each child received a new golfer and shorts as well as a pair of gloves (including the three who could not make it due to exams). Each child also got either a helmet, shoes or pads. In addition we were also able to give them 7 boxes, some caps, bags and clothing. A huge shout out to those who were able to contribute, you made 15 boys and two coaches very happy. Thank-you to all involved with this wonderful initiative.

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